I am starting a PETition…

I am starting a PETition…

Alright everyone, if you don’t already know this about me I am an animal lover. The cat is out of the bag! I love coming home to an overly excited little fluff ball wagging its tall in joy of seeing me. (Even if I was away for only five minutes) There is just something about receiving unconditional love from another living creator and not having to talk to it.

One of my greatest desires in this time of my life is to own a Golden Retriever. I cannot begin to explain to you how content I would be to have a little spaz-tastic  fluffer butt puppy within my arms to cuddle and love. I just can’t wait till the day when I can bring this dog camping with me and to have a little hiking buddy by my side at all times.

With this being said, I am on a mission to fulfill my animal fix. Weather that’s being a dog walker or sitter, a dog foster, dog groomer, volunteer with a shelter or possibly owning an animal I will complete my mission. So don’t be surprised if you see a walking fish with four paws. 😉




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