One.Two.Three… CLICK!

In previous years I had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful country of Zambia with my home church, Eastern Hills. Upon arriving in Zambia everything was so new. So much life; people swarming the market places hunting for the best deals, children scrambling around kicking a ball to one another looking for new and thrilling adventures to fill up their time, splashes of color filled my eyes as I gaze around this new environment.  From fruit stands to fabrics, to the brilliant red lip stick on the woman’s lips my eyes were captivated.

We managed to squeeze our whole team into an old rusty van that would drive us several hours through the crazy African traffic and dirt road to the Village of Hope where we would be staying and lending our helping hands for the next two weeks. We were given various tasks to complete and we didn’t waste much time before all hands were on deck. My favorite job I was given was to photograph all the children living within the orphanage and school in the Village of Hope.

The photograph you are looking at above is probably my favorite image that I have the opportunity to capture during my time in Zambia. This photograph was taken while I was taking portraits of all the children of El Lusa Preschool. With each child I would take them aside and pose them in a flattering position and then I would count up for them from one to three than snap the photo. “One, two, three… Smile!” By the end of the day the kids picked up on this little pattern and it didn’t take long until it was my new slogan. The children would run around with their toy blocks and imitate me by holding the brick up to their eyes to take a photo of their friends.

Within all the memories from Zambia it’s the small moments like this that brng me the most joy. Looking back I can’t help but to smile when I remember these children and the countless blissful moments we shared.


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