It’s Autumn… What?

It’s Autumn… what? Being a Colorado native I have certain expectations for fall and the company it brings. Things like carving pumpkins, corn mazes, apple cider, and so on. One thing that just identifies itself for the season of autumn is sweaters. It is supped to be sweater weather. Now is the time to dig through your closet to bust out the warm, fuzzy, and comfy clothes. However there is just one small problem. It is not chilly and there is no way I can wear my sweater in this kind of weather.

In Colorado last week snow has already begun to fall to the ground in the mountains, this to me, is normal. The typical temperature reads 40 degrees. You don’t leave your house without a sweater, and maybe you grab a scarf or some gloves. Growing up we would plan our Halloween costumes around the weather. You had to plan your whole costume out in layers. What kind of animal, or princess could I be with ten different layers on? While trick or treating could people still see or even imagine what my costume was under my winter jacket and gloves?

Meanwhile over here in Virginia they say its fall yet its 70 degrees outside. The past two weekends I went to the beach and went swimming in the ocean. On Sunday my friends and I packed ourselves into one car for a road trip to a sand castle festival on the beach! WHAT? I know its autumn and that has not stopped me from my annual celebratory apple cider, pumpkin patch trips, or Halloween décor but within my soul it just doesn’t feel right.

I just want to wear a sweater, that’s it.



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