I feel weird.

I feel weird. You know when you just have an “off” day and can’t figure out the reason behind your emotions? Well that’s me today.

I’m speaking for myself here but I know how us girls work. It’s not even just us girls but even guys too. You go through the motions of the day and nothing bad happens. There’s really nothing specific that sets you off yet you just don’t feel right. Maybe this feeling lasts for a few minutes, maybe hours, or maybe it’s a big section of your day when you put on a smile but something inside  just feels funky in a not so groovy “funky town” kinda way and you can’t seem to put your finger on what the cause is. Its times like this when I can be very un-grounded. When I myself within this weird mind set it is necessary I stay positive or else I way become a tumble weed of emotions just blown away with the wind.

In my case and situations like this it is essential that I choose joy. I want to be grounded and I do not want my life to be ruled by unpredictable emotions. Which leads me to my list! I am going to list out things are currently bringing happiness to my life situation.

Here we go, I’m thankful for…

  • Bath Tubs! I love to lay down and just let the shower water run and message my body
  • Candle light. I could just stare into the burning wick of a candle for hours and watch it dance
  • New Friends to fill voids of leaving best friends at home
  • Black nail polish to cover up black dye on finger tips
  • A functioning kitchen I can use to cook meals in (It’s crazy to think how long I’ve been without it)
  • The feeling of fuzzy blankets, slippers, and robes. It is my addiction
  • Orange Soda, HALLELUJAH
  • Tomas – my beat up, hardly functioning little ford
  • Thin tip sharpies
  • Michael’s 50 % off coupons. Yasss



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