Oh Germany.

Oh Germany.

Looking through photos from my time in Germany has really got me reminiscing and strolling through memory lane.  I didn’t love everything about the country however I really did love a lot of it.  I loved having to walk through a castle wall every day to get to the city market. I loved all the random festivities that living inside a German city brought. Things from beer gardens, to flee markets, to the typical Sunday farmers market, they were all just so thrilling to me. Every day I walked through the city there was something new; a small detail to notice, a new hole in the wall restaurant I never found before, or even the simple joy of meeting a fellow English speaker! With all the memories pilling up inside it gets me thinking what it would be like to live in Germany for longer than just four months.

Of course, knowing the creative mind I have, my imagination immediately gets to work grinding out the details and creating images of what a life in Germany would look like. I like to romanticize these ideas to the point where I am convinced I should move. However there are always two sides of every coin. Although I loved my time in Germany there are many places I would love to live just as equally, if not more so. It can be hard for me to contain my mind form wondering down countless amounts of rabbit holes every time a country, region, or even state is mentioned.

I think we all are guilty of this in some capacity. We like to imagine what our lives would look like somewhere else, or in a different job, or scenario. However what if we romanticized our day to day lives? What if we purposely pointed out the positive aspects in our own life and bragged about it! What if we actually believed the grass isn’t always greener on the other side?

Today is a good day. It’s a good day where and I am, and it will be a good day wherever I am. I am thankful for today wherever I may be.


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