Why Photography?

Why Photography

Believe it or not, photography has not always been on the forefront of my mind. In fact, if everything went according to my initial plan I would a “big famous painter” in the words of my five year old self. Growing up and to this very day my heart has continued to belong to the fine arts.  Ever sense I can remember I devoted all my spare time to the creative process. Weather it was a simple sketch, to a large canvas commission, or working with a new medium I always made time for art.

Art has been a tool of mine for expression; it has been my mental stabilizer and counselor when my emotions try to get the best of me. It has been my partner in crime, my means of making money, as well as my escape from reality.

With all that being said I never really imagined myself devoting my life to the digital side of visual arts. I love using my hands, getting dirty, and just diving all in. However everything changed when I was introduced to photography. I like to say that photography found me. It was something I never actively searched out for myself. High school was the very first time I was exposed to photography and I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere produced within the photography class I participated in. My teacher was phenomenal and ended up becoming a mentor to me in more ways than one. Our class size was small and really grew to become a family to me. To this day I still call up those classmates as referrals when I have a photo event I can’t cover.  With countless hours in the dark room the process captivated me. I never imagined photography to be the bridge that allowed me to find my hands covered in chemicals, following a strict time schedule ticking down counting the specific seconds in order to develop the perfect print. It truly fascinates me how photography gathers math, science, history and art together to produce what seems to be magic.

To really understand and appreciate photography I firmly believe one must have exposure to the dark room; take a trip through a time machine to see how the old school photography wizards did it back in the day.



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