Photo Friday!

Photo Friday! Photo Friday will now be a weekly tradition for me to share with you what I have been up to during the past week. You can scroll through my visual photographic evidence of my day to day life including some highlights. Enjoy!


Everyday after my work in the office I try my best to get out and go for a run through Bell Isle or Brown’s Island. It brings my soul much joy go get out of these same white four walls I am surrounded by all day everyday to just dive right into nature. Spending all day within the same building gets me a little stir crazy and by the end of the day I am just dying  to get outside for a breath of fresh air. Last night when I was running home the sight of the city landscape just stopped me right in my path.  With the sun setting in the background and the sun illuminating the water creating a beautiful reflection of the buildings my camera phone is just barely capturing the true beauty of what my eyes caught that evening.


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