Hey everyone! Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kayla Behm. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Colorado, and have a passion for life!  For the past several years I have been bouncing around the world traveling, working with different Christian ministries for the Glory of God, and  photographing all the evidence and events along the way.

As you scroll through this Blog you will find two main factors. The home page will be talking about the day to day life I am currently living in and experiencing in this chapter of my life while working with Hillside Missions. The feel with this page will be your typical journal entry with the ups and downs of life.  Sometimes they will be filled with passionate sparks of inspiration and a love for life, other days the posts will be really challenging, blunt, and possibly depressing. be ready for some unfiltered thoughts and impulses becoming posts.

You will then find another tab titled Photography. As you could probably guess here is where you can view some of my photography, artwork and photo journalism. I will also be informing you about my travels with in new cultures and countries across the world. I will be writing testimonies, my observations about these new places, as well as photos from my adventures and time spent outside of what I consider home.

So scroll through, and enjoy your intimate tour into the mind of Kayla Behm!